Rasmussen: Lincoln Still Facing Choppy Poll Numbers

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Since we’ve now dedicated ourselves to hyping every poll that comes out on the 2010 Senate race, let’s hype another, shall we? The liberal Talking Points Memo blog points to new polling results from Rasmussen Reports, and the numbers continue to look ugly for Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Four Republicans named in the poll actually run ahead of the incumbent Democrat:

State Senator Gilbert Baker runs best against Lincoln so far, beating her by eight points – 47% to 39%. Five percent (5%) like some other candidate, with eight percent (8%) undecided.

State Senator Minority Leader Kim Hendren beats Lincoln 44% to 41%, with five percent (5%) favoring another candidate and 10% undecided.

Curtis Coleman, a private businessman with ties to former Arkansas governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, holds a 43% to 41% lead over the incumbent. Five percent (5%) prefer some other candidate, and 11% are undecided.

Just as close is Tom Cox, head of the Arkansas T.E.A. Party, who leads Lincoln 43% to 40%, with six percent (6%) favoring another candidate and 11% undecided.

Twenty-six percent (26%) of Arkansas voters have a very favorable opinion of Lincoln, while 28% view her very unfavorably. Just four percent (4%) don’t have an opinion of the incumbent senator.

Rough stuff, much of it apparently driven by antipathy to Democratic health care reform efforts, according to this survey. More at Rasmussen’s site here.

Wait, does that headline say “choppy poll numbers”? Now that I read back over it I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. “Choppy waters,” sure, but can numbers be “choppy”? I don’t know, man. I have no idea how I come up with this crap, either.

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One thought on “Rasmussen: Lincoln Still Facing Choppy Poll Numbers

  • Randy Cross

    One of the reasons that our Senators and Representatives have had such attendance at recent townhall meetings is their constituency wishes to have the “employees” listen to instruction and then carry out those instructions. That being said, who paid for the poll that Scott Rasmussen reported on? Why were the polled candidates listed? At last count, there are more than the 4 mentioned men running? Go back to the money…..you can always prove anything if you pay enough for it……We don’t need a candidate who can raise alot of money…just a candidate who will listen and be one of us. Let’s not be too quick to coronate the next Senator. I think we see where that has gotten us.


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