Pryor Prepping for Democratic ‘Tidal Wave’ in D.C.

Speaking to students at the University of Arkansas, U.S. Senator Mark Pryor says that many in his party in Washington D.C. are preparing for a Democratic “tidal wave” in the nation’s capital.

Pryor points to Barack Obama’s strong nationwide polling and several unexpectedly competitive Senate races as evidence, the Northwest Arkansas Times’ Trish Hollenbeck reports.

Pryor also points to what he calls “the best political advertisement I’ve ever seen” from Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Ronnie Musgrove in Mississippi. I’m presuming he means this one, for you Arkansas project readers who are students of the art of political ads:

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3 thoughts on “Pryor Prepping for Democratic ‘Tidal Wave’ in D.C.

  • Brett

    I would have to agree with Pryor about that commercial.

  • Apparently Pryor hasn’t noticed the polls getting tighter. Of course, when you’re as out of the mainstream as he is, reality doesn’t matter.

  • Ditto what Brett said. Like Pryor, Musgrove comes across as a genuinely nice guy anyway, and the commercial only reinforces that. It’s hard to beat that kind of politics with tax cuts and terrorists — but GOP consultants will keep pushing the same old stuff they always do.


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