Pryor Campaign Evicted from UAMS

arkansas newsWe aren’t able to make it to Mark Pryor’s Ebola press conference today; from what we’ve read about it, we assume he’ll try to ride piggy-back on the presence and views of actual experts.
Presumably, this is solely an appearance by Mark Pryor in his capacity as a public servant, not as a candidate; surely UAMS wouldn’t lend its imprimatur to some sort of headline-grabbing, campaign stunt, devoted to today’s hot issue, less than three weeks before an election.
We hope Pryor will provide proposals that are superior to those he gave on the same topic earlier this month. Then again, perhaps he’ll continue his approach of blaming the spread of the disease on Tom Cotton.
It’s always dangerous legally and public relations-wise when a publicly-funded institution like UAMS only gives a platform to one candidate — so we asked UAMS if Cotton was offered a chance to speak at UAMS.
According to a UAMS spokesperson, it appears its administrators had a sudden attack of good sense; apparently, they changed their minds and didn’t allow the press conference (read: political stunt) to be held on their premises as originally scheduled.
From a UAMS spokesperson:

This was not a UAMS event but was something Senator Pryor’s office was organizing as part of his role as a Senator. The event has been moved and is not happening at UAMS.

It looks like today has been just another chapter in the stumbling Pryor campaign that The Hill wrote about today.

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One thought on “Pryor Campaign Evicted from UAMS

  • October 17, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    yesterday, I heard TWO political ads for Mark Pryor, which were condemning Tom Cotton, for voting against funding for Ebola research/treatment. (and I’m not saying this to support Cotton.) Tell me we just started hearing about Ebola in the last couple weeks, how many votes have been made on ANYTHING to do with it?
    Stupid politicians? WRONG! Stupid people who are VOTING for these idiots!
    Vote 3rd party for a change!


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