Politico: Is Lincoln in Trouble?

On the heels of last week’s underwhelming polling results on Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Politico turns an eye towards the Natural State to suss out the landscape. Is Lincoln in trouble?:

Arkansas insiders say one big problem is that Lincoln — who defeated an underfunded and little-known state legislator in 2004 by an underwhelming 12-point margin — doesn’t have a high profile despite serving three terms in the House and a decade in the Senate.

“She has not had a lot of presence in the state over the years,” said Ernie Dumas, an Arkansas Times columnist and longtime observer of Arkansas politics. “She just doesn’t have the potent personality that [former Sen. Dale] Bumpers and [former Sen. David] Pryor had.”

Others interviewed emphasize that, with no announced Republican candidate, it’s way premature to be making any calls on this race. Will recent developments encourage stronger Republican candidates to take a second look?

By the way, now’s a great time to look back to my and Blake Rutherford’s assessments of the 2010 Senate race earlier this month on Roby Brock’s “Talk Business.”

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5 thoughts on “Politico: Is Lincoln in Trouble?

  • Gilbert Who

    That whole name ID thing is tricky for those Senate Candidates when talking to those Politico reporters.


    “There are a few questions that have to be asked about the whole union issue,” said GOP state Sen. Gerald Baker, who is mulling over a challenge to Lincoln. “She seems to be very much catering to the union bosses.”

  • Ya know, that GOP state Sen. Gerald Baker just might be able to win this thing….

    Run Gerald, Run!

  • Lincoln is in no way shape or form conservative, period.

    It will also be interesting to see if Obama’s budget passes. If it does and cuts are made in the farm programs Lincoln could lose votes there making the race much closer for a great candidate such as Gilbert Baker.

  • Bailout Blanche is in trouble. She’s in the 40’s and the negative ads haven’t even started yet. Plus, Obama is going to get tied to her neck like a millstone.

    The Republicans just need a good candidate, not a great one just good and they can beat her.

  • David Kinkade

    “Bailout Blanche”? Catchy, Bill.


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