I’m checking out for a bit to head over to the Tax Day Tea Party protest at the Capitol (kicks off at 3:45 p.m.). If you’re looking for me, I’ll be easily recognized by my personable air and my rippling muscles.

If you want to follow my adventures on Twitter, I’ll be over here, but most likely I’ll do one or two updates, maximum, and then get totally bored with Twitter. It just doesn’t take much.

Oh, and this earlier, in telephone conversation with Rep. Dan Greenberg, who’s speaking at the event at 4:15 p.m.:

DG: So are you going to go to the Tea Party event today, or are you just one of those elitist conservative types who only writes about it but doesn’t actually take part or get your hands dirty?

ME: I’m going to go, but I am one of those people you just described, yes.

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3 thoughts on “Partybound

  • We had a great turnout in Russellville. Over 300 people. I am an especially proud American today and am glad so many people are coming out to fight back.

  • I love it. Conservatives acting like liberals.

    What is this world coming to?


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