‘Organizing for America’ Continues To Be Ridiculous

These guys should just stop. The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America (OFA) group, which last week got crosswise with the re-election campaign of Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln when they publicized a non-existent town hall appearance, continues to bumble about.

The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas’ Doug Thompson reports that OFA is hosting “health care listening tour” events as part of the push for Obamacare—but locking out the media from covering the events.

So here’s how it played out: OFA holds this event in Fayetteville for people to tell their personal health care stories, but instead of getting news coverage that might help build the case for Obamacare, which might have carried their message to a broader audience, they succeed only in generating a news story about how they’re blocking the media from covering the event. Just when you thought the Democratic approach on health care reform couldn’t get any more muddled….

“Organizing for America”? Sounds more like they should call it “DISORGANIZING for America,” huh?  I mean, am I right, people? High five! Who’s with me?

What? Nobody? Wow, tough room.

Other stuff that’s going on, health care-wise:

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7 thoughts on “‘Organizing for America’ Continues To Be Ridiculous

  • Jack Welch

    1. Arkansas Us Senate 2010 Analysis

    -DC Monthly Political View -August 20, 2009 – Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele’s instructions today to the State GOP about strategies to deal with Independent US Senate office seeker Trevor Drown have many local republicans unhappy. Steele, was in Little Rock today, meeting with Doyle Webb and other members of party leadership. First item on the agenda: securing the US Senate seat that is held by democrat Blanche Lincoln. Polls show Lincoln, who is running for her third term has little to no support across all categories. Normally this would appear to provide the GOP the ability to pick up a senate seat but for few problems. There is a major negative view across the state for the republicans. The current 5 to 8 possible candidates include everyone from a ultra-conservative riding Huckabee’s coattails to a clueless retired Army Colonel. In between a tea party boat builder, a FEDex driver/real estate investor and a few other odds and ends. Add to their problems continuous racist comments and plantation owner language and you have a image problem. Couple this with the concern the state party is in the red, and may be in financial trouble with a net loss of $108,000 in the last 12 months

    Another factor will be the nominal entry of a Green Party member. In the past three Federal elections The Greens have done something Republican’s have yet to do. Provide a candidate to run against the incumbent. This continues to be a problem statewide as republicans fail to recruit anyone at various state level and higher offices to run including taking in the very popular Governor Beebe. This poor leadership attitude may result in no republicans being allowed on the 2012 ballot without gathering from 2,000 to 10,000 signatures themselves.

    Speaking of signatures, according to inside sources present at the meeting earlier today, Michael Steele named former Green Beret, the number one threat to the Republican Party in Arkansas. He has the looks, brains, leadership style and the support of the people in Arkansas. A grassroots movement, already underway has worried many GOP leaders since it is expected he will easily get the required 10,000 signatures by May 2010. When it was discovered members of party leadership had tried to recruit Drown and he turned him down, heads were shaking and many at the meeting heard Steele mumble that was “bad, very bad.” Things got a little heated when it was further discovered once he had turned them done, certain members of the party who also hold statewide office combined their efforts with a local blogger to discredit Drown.

    One staffer from the GOP D.C. office said, this is what is wrong with you people. You still think this is the 19th century. You need to ignore, him, never mention his name never acknowledge him. If you recognize his existence you elevate him to our level. The time to take him out will be only if he gets the signatures next May.

    There were a few moderate republicans not happy with how the state party has handled the Drown affair. Targeting a veteran of the Global War on terror did not sit well with them. Internally, within the party support is already waning and infighting increases daily due to the GOP’s silent nod of approval being given to Curtis Coleman.

    This next election could be the start of a rising force in this country, the Independent. Arkansas appears to be one of the battleground states. When you look at the numbers and realize only 55,000 registered voters are democrats, 45,000 republicans and the remaining 1.6 million are registered as optional or independents, political strategists know it is time to worry. Consequently, we are predicting that Trevor Drown looks like the strongest contender at this point.

  • menapotstirrer

    That’s a load of crap JW. Unless TD has the million plus in war chest that he needs right now to even begin to mount a competitive race he stands absolutely no chance of being a problem for the R’s let alone Blanche. I think you’re letting your dislike for R’s blind you. I’ll bet you a steak dinner that if TD is successful in getting on the ballot he’ll poll under 15% as an independent. That might be enough to hand the election to BL though. If R leadership is actually in the bag for CC then they are picking a candidate that has money but can’t win. There are people that can win this thing. They’re gonna have to raise some money to have a prayer. The first one to 1 million in fundrasing will be the nominee. If its CC we’ll have another 6 of BL IMHO.

  • menapotstirrer,
    That’s an interesting question: What’s the highest an independent candidate has polled in an Arkansas statewide election? 15 percent seems generous. There were two independents on the ballot in the 2006 gubernatorial election, and together they pulled a little under 4 percent, if memory serves.

  • menapotstirrer

    My point exactly. I notice JW isn’t jumping up and down to take my wager. There’s no way this TD guy has even half the chance the proverbial snowball has.

  • Jack Welch

    Oh, shoot, sorry, I was battling on another blog. Shoot, yes I will take that wager. That is an easy one. Remember in a four way race, which it will be, Rep, Dems, Green and Indy’s there is not a lot to spread around. And as for money, well, lets just say, I don’t think that will be a problem for Drown’s people. Plus it is not how much you have it is how you use it. I was looking at some of Blanches expenses and a lot of money goes out to expensive consultants and fund raising firms, Blakeys people, etc. And at some point, being bloated with cash is not a good thing. She already has the reputation at all ends of the political spectrum of being bought and paid for by the Corporate World. Money cannot by you the love of the Arkansas People after 12 years of crapping on them. Speaking of money. How is the GOP doing at the local level. I mean both the party and the Senate Candidates. They need to get on the ball. All that cash they need to run an expensive primary and then after that the general. Drown’s price of admission, 10,000 signatures. Pretty easy these days. Especially when every Arkie with a pitchfork comes outta them thar hills to sign on.

    Gonna be a bloodbath! Oh and I like my steak like my politics, Chicago style!

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