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Obama Camp Looks to Rally Arkansas Troops

Received this video via e-mail from a friend on the Democratic side of the aisle (What? I do so have some Democratic friends. OK, it’s like two people, neither of whom really like me very much. Shut up.)

Anyway, it’s a “rally the troops” production for Barack Obama’s Arkansas supporters in advance of Hillary “Likeable Enough” Clinton’s visit to the state next week. Let’s roll the tape:

It great to see all that energy wedded to the production values of a cable community access channel.

Update: Where is the love? Arkansas supporters of Obama are really, really, really wanting Obama to visit the Natural State in the next 30 days, John Lyon of the Arkansas News Bureau reports.

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4 thoughts on “Obama Camp Looks to Rally Arkansas Troops

  • I will tell “ten” bitter clingers that Obama is skipping out on Arkansas just like he skipped out on nominating Hillary his VP.

    I will send “ten” tens to John McCain.

    I will tell “ten” friends that he accused our soilders of air raiding villages and killing civilians.

    I will put up “ten” yard signs in my yard.

    I will wink at Obama supporters “ten” times.

    I will say “ten” ten times.

    I will Turn around “ten” times

    I will drink “ten” beers and get on the phone trying to get people to support Obama.

    I will count to “ten”

    Seriously this “ten” thing seems kind of lame.

  • What is it with Arkansas Democrats and Obama videos? Have you seen Pat O’Brien’s youtube video? I thought it was a parody.

  • David Kinkade

    Excellent response, though you may want to consult local ordinances about those 10 signs in your yard.

    I did see the video you reference with Pat O’Brien — the only thing that would have made it look more like a hostage video would have been if he’d held up a newspaper with today’s date on it.

    Here ’tis.


  • someguy

    “I will shut down ten media outlets on behalf of Barack Obama.”

    Oh, wait, that’s the Missouri Truth Squad’s job.


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