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Obama Admin Admits Medicaid Expansion Won’t Protect Hospitals

medicaid-pills_png_800x1000_q100We interrupt this broadcast to bring you two news items that could change the shape of the Medicaid expansion debate happening at this very moment in Little Rock.

First, you must read this article by Michael Cannon of Cato Institute that reveals:

1. The PPACA is not likely to reduce uncompensated care in 2014.

2. The PPACA won’t reduce the deficit.

3. Hospitals can stop crying poverty.

4. States don’t need to expand Medicaid to protect hospitals.

How do we know all of this? Well, because the Obama administration has now indicated they will not cut $360 million in DSH funds that go to hospitals to cover “uncompensated care.” Read the article.

Also, Senator Max Baucus has made another stunning admission: “I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” speaking in reference to Obamacare. Stunning indeed because Baucus was one of the lead authors of the Obamacare law. Read this story from The Hill.

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