Now I’m Jealous

(Photo: Arkansas Times)
(Photo: Arkansas Times)

Aw, man, Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times got his Team Huck shirt today, and now here he is strutting around like he’s the cock of the walk. Well, merry Christmas to him, I suppose.

And to think, all Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) got me for Christmas was this 52-inch LCD television. It’s OK…I guess. But apparently it’s better than what I got her, to hear her tell it. It turns out that the “Major Dad: Complete Series” DVD boxed set is NOT “just what every girl wants for Christmas,” regardless of what that eBay merchant may try to tell you.

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One thought on “Now I’m Jealous

  • December 22, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    Women. They are so hard to buy for. They think we should be able to read their minds and buy them the ideal present. I try to get the wife something that she can use in her hobbies and daily activities. No, I’m not going to buy ole Fourche River Reba a washing maching, I’m not that obtuse. But I do try to get things that are useful as well as just something fun.
    This year, for our anniversary, I bought her something relating to her obsession with our dog. Something that would make her life easier, or so I thought. I even had to get it important. So imagine my suprised when she had a negative reaction to this…


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