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New Elected Officials Make Staff Changes! News at 10!

brantley outrageometerOur friends over at the Arkansas Times are shockedshocked! — that newly sworn-in Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is making staff changes as she begins her tenure.
To state the obvious: staff changes are a common occurrence; they almost inevitably follow elected official changes, especially when there’s a party switch. The series of hyperventilating posts by Max Brantley on Rutledge’s staff changes aren’t so much journalism as they are political activism.
I recall similar staff changes in 2007, when Mike Beebe was elected to replace Mike Huckabee in the governor’s office. I invite Arkansas Project readers to search the electronic  archives of the Arkansas Times to see if there was similar pearl clutching about the unfairness of staff changes from Max Brantley then. I’m guessing they won’t find any.

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3 thoughts on “New Elected Officials Make Staff Changes! News at 10!

  • Backgammon

    Anything that makes Max crazy is good with me!

  • Bob McCartney

    We know what Brantley is and which way he leans.

  • Timothy Simmons

    Brantley has his nose so far up Obama’s golf bag it’s a wonder he can even see his way to the head !!!!!


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