Neo-Nazi Plot to Assassinate Obama Exposed!

This is what skinheads look like. Also, idiots.
This is what skinheads look like. Also, idiots.

Oooh, that headline makes it sound so lurid, doesn’t it? This was reported breathlessly all over the place yesterday, and one of the suspects is apparently from Helena, Ark. The Arkansas News Bureau’s Rob Moritz has more here.

The Smoking Gun has the relevant paperwork, and I’m going to admit, I find it hard to take these guys as seriously when I see passages like this:

In separate interviews with investigators, the men said that they planned to speed their vehicle toward Obama while “shooting at him from the windows.” Apparently befitting the historic assault, Cowart and Schlesselman “stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt.”

I understand that investigators have to take these matters seriously, and they should. But looking at the details of this plot, I don’t think these clowns could organize my glove compartment, much less an elaborate multi-state killing spree culminating in the assassination of a presidential candidate.

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