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Milligan On The Paul Harrell Program: "I Stand Behind That Meeting 100%" (Updated)

Dennis Milligan, candidate for state treasurer, appeared on The Paul Harrell Program today to address questions about Roofgate and the meeting he initiated with Rep. Duncan Baird to pressure him out of the race. Listen for yourself:

Update: Paul has also passed along the audio of Dan Greenberg’s appearance on the show yesterday. Dan was on right after Milligan.
Hear the audio here.

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4 thoughts on “Milligan On The Paul Harrell Program: "I Stand Behind That Meeting 100%" (Updated)

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  • First of all this whole thing is just ignorant on both counts. Duncan Baird should not have been in the state capitol like he owned the place at 2a.m. along with others in his party, our state capitol is not a play ground to soil your wild oats. And I happen to know one of the ladies in question and she now has been caught in the middle of this due to Duncan, Carter and the other legislators lack of better judgement. Is that the kind of person we need managing our money? And then you have Dennis Millligan whom I also personally know who could have used better judgement and just let the story play out on its own in due time. This is also a bad judgement call on the part of someone who will be in charge of our finances in this state. But grilling Milligan for being a dumb ass while pretending Baird has done nothing wrong is just in itself ignorant. Has this office not suffered enough humiliation with Martha Shoffner at the Helm? If I were running for public office I do not think that i would be showing off at the capitol to my friends, I think I would not. And not only that but Duncan Baird voted for the Private Option…that is 2 in my book for bad judgement on his count, where is the talk about that?

    • Val, I’m not going to try to address everything you’re saying here — but are you really suggesting that the Arkansas Project has not been talking about the private option?

      • Actually I was referring to the Paul Harrell Interview itself, not your reporting of the interview personally. Respectfully, I do know you have done your part in reported on the private option but I do not see anything regarding Duncan Baird’s part in leading the way to pass that state damning legislation come up in a search, if there is please share where I can find such an article. And on another note it will be interesting to see if Baird rates a 95% on the top of the AAI Friends of Freedom list for 2013 after he helped to pass this legislation that expanded medicaid under Obamacare which has now become a #NightmareOnHealthStreet. (And Yes Davy Carter you did expand Medicaid under obamacare. If you didn’t then why does the healthcare.gov say for Arkansas “since your state choose to expand medicaid……..”)


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