Mike Beebe, He Is Your Sun God

Kneel! Kneel before your Sun God! After several days of brutal polling results for Arkansas Democrats, Public Policy Polling comes through with bright and happy news for Gov. Mike Beebe, who is the most popular and beloved politician who has ever existed on earth.

Sixty-three percent of Arkansans polled give Beebe a thumbs-up, including 50 percent of Republicans, according to the Democratic polling firm. (And don’t forget that Roby Brock at Talk Business recently polled your Beebe-love and came out with even higher numbers, showing 78 percent of you approving of the governor’s performance.)

Now go sacrifice a goat in his honor, lest he turn his mighty gubernatorial wrath upon you and lay waste to all you hold dear.

PPP’s approval ratings for Sen. Blanche Lincoln, released yesterday, were less cheery.

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