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Memo to the Arkansas News Bureau: Update!

Hey, great new website, Arkansas News Bureau guys, and the blog links are much appreciated. But sheesh, do we think that maybe we can update the home page regularly? As of this writing, the “Top Stories” in Arkansas:

Perry County Homicide (December 24)

Police Work Overtime Against Drunken Driving (December 23)

Alamo Lawyer Seeks Changes in Federal Suit (December 22)

This would be fine if you were the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but we really expect a higher standard over here. You know, like the high standard The Arkansas Project sets. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s probably not the best example. But we still expect better.

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One thought on “Memo to the Arkansas News Bureau: Update!

  • Br549

    Speaking of high standard, aren’t we due for another rebel flag bikini posting?


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