7 thoughts on “Meeks Exploring Bid to Challenge Snyder

  • I find it interesting that a candidate would take a “no earmark” pledge. Does this mean that the candidate would not work to bring federal dollars to the 2nd District? We’re federal taxpayers too. Earmarks aren’t popular but isn’t it Congress who allocates funds? If Congress doesn’t do it the Administration gets to decide where every dollar is spent. I would prefer that a Congressman be against unnecessary earmarks and not earmarks in general.

  • No earmarks jumped off the page at me as well. Hell, Snyder isn’t far from keeping that one. I’m against other peoples earmarks.

    That’s dumb.

  • Brett,

    I will fight to make sure the 2nd District gets every dollar it deserves. I will fight against all the pork and wasteful spending that is rampant in Congress. I should have been more clearer.

  • David,

    Thanks for the clarification.

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  • WildlBill59

    People Of Arkansas better wake up with Snyder voting For Energy Bill. It will cost Arkansans between $3,000 and $5,000 per year in energy Bills due to civil penalites put on power companies who burn coal. Guess who the power companies will pass the civil penalties on to there customers. I am on the petition against Man Made Global Warming. The Energy Bill is a Fraud to make people like Al Gore a billionaire. So now Snyder is part of the scam big time. The Energy Bill is over 1,600 pages, who in the Hell knows whats in it! I read the parts that would effect Arkansans. Did you know that the EPA will be charging farmers $150.00 per head of cattle for their contribution to methane gas in the atmosphere. I will help Mr. Meeks explain to the public Facts not Hypothesis about Global Warming so the public can be informed.

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