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Media Movements: Sadler to ADEQ

Word is that former Stephens Media Washington bureau reporter Aaron Sadler — who also did time at the Little Rock Capitol Bureau, the Times Record in Fort Smith and the Jonesboro Sun — is hanging up his reporting hat to take a post as spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

You may recall Sadler was one of the young fellows unceremoniously axed by Stephens in late October, when the streets ran red with the blood of reporters. And thus another young journalist abandons the profession for more verdant fields.

It’s been a few years since I’ve worked at a newspaper, but I can imagine that these days it’s kind of like being on foundered ship that’s sinking very, very slowly, and every once in a while you see one of your shipmates make a break for it and swim for land, and wonder, “When will it be my turn?”

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3 thoughts on “Media Movements: Sadler to ADEQ

  • Aaron Sadler had a reputation as one of if not the fairest and most objective political reporter in the state. It is a shame to see him leave the business. Unfortunately it is not just print reporters that are up against it. The company I work for is a good one, but it has laid off half its work force.

    So once the last person in private enterprise leaves for the public sector I wonder what our standard of living will be?

  • David Kinkade

    You’ll get no argument from me: Sadler was always a fair dealer.

  • Damn I was hoping this was Bill Salder leaving the State Police.


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