McDonalds: Toss Sherman Nude Photos Suit

Well, look who's back!
Well, look who's back!

A new development in the long-running saga of cell phone centerfold Tina Sherman of Bella Vista: You may recall that Mrs. Sherman, along with her hubby Phillip, sued McDonalds in November 2008 after Phillip (dumbass) left his phone, supposedly containing spicy nude photos of Tina (evil temptress), at one of the restaurants and employees allegedly uploaded the found pics onto the Internet.

Now McDonalds is saying the suit should be thrown out, the Morning News of NWA’s Ron Wood reports, because they’re not liable.

What the story does NOT note is that, in spite of the best efforts of web researchers the world over (ahem), said nude photos have never been found (the image in this post is a phony, but we all agreed some time ago to pretend it was the real thing until the authentic pics showed up). This absence of evidence has led some to the conclusion that the Shermans’ tale is a big hoax.

In a related story, Arkansas Project readers are considering launching a class-action suit against the Shermans for lost time and productivity as we searched determinedly for the (probably non-existent) photos for two months.

UPDATE: Incidentally, since I’m not an attorney and I don’t really have any interest in or understanding of legal issues and processes and I’m only barely able to read, I’m not entirely sure how today’s story about McDonalds asking for the case to be dismissed differs from the December 23, 2008, story about McDonalds asking for the case to be dismissed. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself, Matlock. I was really only using this as an excuse to post that photo again and get Mike Beebe’s leathery mug off the top of the page.

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