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Max Brantley: Letting People Make Decisions About Their Own Medical Treatment Is Really Dangerous

brantley outrageometerMax Brantley has compiled a list of quasi-arguments against “right to try” legislation, which is the label for the proposal that passed out of Senate Public Health yesterday to let the terminally ill try potentially life-saving drugs that have received preliminary government approval. He explains that “right to try” has “many flaws.” Here’s his list.

  1. It’s not an entitlement. Therefore, “right to try” is a bad idea, because it does not obligate manufacturers to give out their products for free.
  2. The “right to try” proposal gives “false hope” because the legislation provides no assurance of access and no guarantee of financial support.
  3. Terminally ill people who are willing to explore the option of experimental treatment might suffer side effects.
  4. This legislation hasn’t helped anyone yet.

For your convenience, I paraphrase Brantley’s view in this paragraph. The terminally ill should not be allowed to make their own medical decisions. They shouldn’t be allowed to suffer false hope or make risky choices. That is because they aren’t entitled to false hope: in fact, what they are entitled to is no hope at all. Or, more precisely: what they are entitled to is death.
There is an important American document that talks about the importance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who oppose “right to try” should, perhaps, take a look.

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2 thoughts on “Max Brantley: Letting People Make Decisions About Their Own Medical Treatment Is Really Dangerous

  • Backgammon

    Max Brantley is an idiot!

  • Timothy Simmons

    I’m appalled by the fact that these legislators at every turn think they little by little can take every freedom we have away from us , we the people just showed in this last election that we do not want Gov to tell us what we can and cannot do with our lives!!!!!! Then we have these morons like Brantley that keep trying to take those freedoms from us!!!!!! That brings me to my next point , after we conservatives just obliterated the left in Nov. and they all ran to end Obama care, Gov. Hutchinson has decided of his own fruition to say , just take a great big giant dump on the people that voted me into office , I’m want to be Obama’s suck up buddy so I can get some campaign money from his side next election!!!!! Now he want’s to keep the private option going and expand it!!!!! One thing for sure is I will not campaign for him next time and I will do everything I can to get him out of office for being nothing less than a liar and one of the biggest RINO’s that has ever reared it’s ugly head !!!!!!!!! These people like him keep saying the people don’t know what they want till I tell them , well that dung can just pile up in his lap, because now he can just feed on it himself!!!!!!!!


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