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Local Businessman Featured In NFIB Obamacare Ad

John Parke Obamacare adA local Little Rock businessman, John Parke, is featured in a new ad, produced by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. The ad highlights the problems with Obamacare and the strain it’s putting on small businesses. The spot began running on Arkansas television and radio networks yesterday. According to a statement from NFIB, the group will spend $550,000 on this campaign.

“The worst part about Obamacare is that we just don’t know what’s going to come next,” said John Parke, Chief Operating Officer of Democrat Printing and Lithographing Co, a business that has been in his family for several generations. “Healthcare costs for our business and our employees continue to skyrocket, and we just can’t seem to get a straight answer out of Washington.”

View the 60-second ad here:

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