Lincoln on Card Check: Who Knows?

OK, I swear to you that I really don’t want to keep writing about this card check issue, but here comes another intriguing scrap of news: Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent reports that an AFL-CIO honcho indicated today in a conference call with reporters that he has the support of Democratic Senators Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu (La.) for union-backed card check legislation.

Sargent’s blog includes evasive responses from Pryor and Landrieu, but, as of this writing, no response from Lincoln.

Make of all that what you will. At this point I don’t really care what she does, if only she’ll take a clear position to put me out of this misery of having to continually update on the matter.

UPDATE: Oh, after I posted this I found an AP story on same which includes Lincoln response: “Spokeswoman Leah Vest said Lincoln ‘is more concerned today about putting 90,000 jobless Arkansans back to work, and she’ll worry later about collective bargaining rules when the issue comes to a vote in the Senate.'”

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3 thoughts on “Lincoln on Card Check: Who Knows?

  • I forgot to remind everyone yesterday that Joe from Hickory Plains and all his cousins don’t give two shits about card check.

    Thanks for giving me another opportunity to do it today.


  • David Kinkade

    Glad to give you the opportunity, Br549, but you are wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. This rather abstruse matter of how labor unions organize in the workplace is the biggest issue ever and it will be the vehicle that leads to a permanent Republican majority in Washington. Victory is imminent!

  • I must disagree. The only way to a permanent Republican majority is for Michael Steele and Rush to keep bickering and apologizing.


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