Lincoln on Card Check: Back to ‘Undecided’

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who suggested in a Tuesday interview with the AP that union-backed ‘card check’ legislation was not needed at this time, regrets the misinterpretation of her remarks that led some to believe she was staking out a clear position. She has now clarified her earlier statements through a spokesperson to assure you that her position is, indeed, opaque, and that she is thoroughly undecided on the question. Wait…what? (Via Marc Ambinder at Atlantic Monthly)

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11 thoughts on “Lincoln on Card Check: Back to ‘Undecided’

  • Elizabeth

    I tend to think she’s “back to undecided” because it would only add fuel to her imnpending opponent’s fire. If this is her strategy I pray the good Senator from Arkansas continues. We’ll need all the help we can garner.

  • I was going to comment one way, but then I was thinking of commenting the other way. So, to be clear, I am undecided at this moment and shall remain so until such time it becomes necessary to avoid further confusion at which time I will reiterate my position.

  • naturalstate

    Incredible… I think she is in a ton of trouble if the Republicans find someone to run. Looks like she is towing the Obama line already. And if she does fold on this, can anyone say “Bill Halter”. That would be a primary for the ages.

  • Shane

    Is it just me or would it be refreshing for a politician to pick one-side of an issue and stick with it?

  • LastChance

    I would love to see her stick to one issue and have Bill Halter take her on in a Primary!

  • AKA Bryce

    The voters of Arkansas are not sitting around the dinner table talking about Blance Lincoln’s vagueness on the Union Card Check legislation. If they are in Arkansas chances are they are not even in a union to begin with. This is a non-issue and will have no effect on her chances of getting re-elected. The voters are going to go vote, recognize her name, see a (D), and cast there vote for her again. This is not going to change because of the way she votes on this issue. There may be an issue out there that changes voters’ minds, but this isn’t it.

    She is going to get re-elected again unless she gets beat by someone else…..with a (D) by their name. The same way she got the seat in the first place. And who ever beats her will only hold that seat until Governor Beebe decides that is what he wants to do next, just like the Pryor’s and Bumper’s before him.

    I would never vote for her because she let David Kinkade leave her office and go work for Asa Hutchinson. What kind of boob would work on the Asa! for Governor campaign? Jeez.

  • Bro the Plumber

    “This is a non-issue and will have no effect on her chances of getting re-elected. ”

    are you smoking crack? this is the pre-eminent issue of her campaign. if she goes the wrong way on this the biz community isn’t going to raise her a dime and they’ll fund her opponent. this is the #1 issue that the business community, both nationally and in Arkansas, is working on.

  • David Kinkade

    I’m not sure if I agree with the suggestion that the business community would abandon Blanche if she were to go heretical on this issue. But you’re almost certainly correct that Bryce is smoking crack. The kid’s a fiend.

  • AKA Bryce

    We shall see.

    P.S. Crack is wack.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Agree with Bryce. Non-issue. No one knows what it is. Until people figure out that by electing local Democrats they are empowering the national party, they will continue to elect Dems. The RPA has no idea how to overcome this and I doubt that they will for the forseeable future.
    The only way we will elect Republicans will be if “cults of personality” run for office, i.e., Huckabee types that win by the force of their personality.
    Now that I’ve said “Cult of Personality” I have to make a reference to Living Colour, because that’s what I do. I make pop culture references. Then I usually follow them up with a even more obscure pop culture reference…in this case, it would be something like comparing Living Colour to 24-7 Spyz. And then most people wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about and ignore the entire post.
    On second thought, I don’t think I’ll do that this time. Sorry Jimi Hazel.

  • Unless Blanche Lincoln starts acting like a REAL Democrat very quickly, she will not get my support, she will not get my vote. I’d sooner vote for a fence-riding Republican than I will for a fence-riding Democrat.

    I’m a 37-year union member that doesn’t shop at WalMart. And I don’t support those who don’t support me.


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