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Liberal Groups’ Ad Targets Berry Housing Vote

We noted a few weeks back the news that liberal advocacy organizations would be targeting Arkansas Democratic Rep. Marion Berry for his vote against the housing bill in ads featuring First District residents who’d lost their homes to foreclosure.

Ta da, here’s the ad!:

The ad includes a visual of some Bible passages when she talks about relying on her faith. Are they the least bit relevant to the content of the ad? Maybe we should ask someone who knows more about biblical stuff than I do (i.e., almost anybody). Bill from Sheridan, call your office!

Lefty blogger Chris Bowers has the full rundown of this project for “progressive accountability” for conservative and moderate Dems, and he says the ad will run 250 times in the Jonesboro market over the next three weeks. (Hey, media buyers: Is that a lot? A little? I find your “points” and other dark arts to be kind of mysterious and obscure.)

Last week, the Arkansas Project broke the news that Jonesboro broadcaster and businessman Rick Crawford was weighing a GOP challenge to Berry in 2010. Crawford has formed an exploratory committee and will decide on the run later this year.

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5 thoughts on “Liberal Groups’ Ad Targets Berry Housing Vote

  • David,

    I surmise that BR549 made that ad. No one seriously thinks this will hurt Berry. He is utterly unbeatable. He could get caught taking a wide stance in the Memphis Airport bathroom and still get 58% of the vote next Fall. BR549 clearly made the ad so that he could force Marion to buy some political advertising from him and his partner up in Jonesboro. Well played BR549, well played.

    Let’s assume BR549 didn’t make that commercial for a minute though. If he didn’t make it I’m pretty sure that no one involved in the making of that steaming pile has much of a relationship with the Almighty. The producer was probably some Godless Yankee, because anyone that actually conversed with our Lord & savior would have heard him say, “That is completely unwatchable God forsaken dogshit!” This is an early prediction, that will be the worst ad that we see for the rest of 2009.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Interestingly enough, the Bible verses are from First Corintians, Chapter 7. It deals with many things, including portions that suggest believers remain unmarried so they can turn their full attention to the cause of Christ.
    An interesting verse is veiwable rather well at 11 seconds into the ad. It is First Corinthians 7:24, a verse that commands every person to continue in the state they were when they were called by God. The verses in this chapter revolve around how you may be a slave and your life may be tough, but you have freedom and plenty in Christ.
    Finally. After 14 years of searching, I’ve found an example that I can use to teach Alanis Morrisett the meaning of irony. (He, he. 90’s joke!)

  • Now Bill,
    you know if I would have made that ad, the back ground would not have “my monthly calendar” in it….

    it would have a mysterious cross that just happens to appear on a bookshelf….or something like that.

  • Authentic Frontier Gibberish

    Ya know D.- If you’re gonna support these bible thumpin republicans- ya might wanna check out what they’re preachin from. I’ll be polite for once- lets just say its entertaining reading.

    This actually lies at the heart of my political “independence”. Go to an election night watch party. The Repubs are drinking sweet tea and gathering in prayer circles and clutching their bibles. The Democrats are drinking cheap white wine with their pinkies extended and their noses in the air- whilst droning on and on about NPR.

    Screw the lot of ’em.


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