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Legislature Expands Medicaid, Spurs Arkansas Project Response

tap apologyToday, I have issued the following statement:

On behalf of The Arkansas Project, the Advance Arkansas Institute, and the advocates of limited government everywhere, I want to extend my deepest apologies to citizens and taxpayers in both Arkansas and in America for the inappropriate and insensitive expansion of Obamacare engineered by (among others) our state’s Speaker of the House Davy Carter last week. Speaker Carter’s expansion of government will stifle job growth, implement Obamacare, burden future generations with gigantic additional national debt, strain our state budget, and create what a state senator once called a “candy land” of new entitlements. I can assure the people of Arkansas and of America that advocates of limited government have all of you in our thoughts and prayers during this tragic time.

(Background here.)

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11 thoughts on “Legislature Expands Medicaid, Spurs Arkansas Project Response

  • Observer

    What’s next, Nic — gonna endorse Chris Nogy’s comments? My guess is you agree with him but lack the balls to admit it.

    • Honestly no idea what you’re talking about, but how courageous of you to criticize my alleged lack of courage while hiding behind a fake screen name. Kudos.

  • I know who Chris Nogy is: and remember, Nic, the important issue isn’t the conduct of our state legislators. It’s what some guy you’ve never heard of posted on a Facebook page!

  • Hard to believe Republicans control the house and senate in Arkansas, depressing results.

  • Garry Baker

    Would be nice to see a little bit of montage of campaign slogans to see what was said vs. what was done by the newly elected conservatives

  • Frank Gilbert

    My state representative, Ken Bragg, is one of the Republicrats who voted for the Obama Abomination. It should be noted that he had for years been a Democrat when he was on the city council in Sheridan. I suspect a LOT of the folks who went along with this mess are like him. A Democrat when their were more Dems voting and a Republican now only because there are more GOP voters. A pox on all their houses!

  • Keith Chrestman

    I agree with Chris.

  • Timothy Simmons

    Turns out we have more RINOS in our great state than I figured,but the good thing is that mid-terms are coming up and I will help campaign against everyone of them !

  • Keith Chrestman

    To be clear, when I said that I agree with Chris, I meant that I agreed that it’s hard to believe that Republicans control the Arkansas legislature. I didn’t mean to associate myself with Chris Nogy’s comments.

  • Christine

    It is so much easier to try to discredit a whole class of people based on one man’s out of context remarks than to actually deal with the real issue at hand. The GOP, after gaining the majority for the first time, insisted on moving to the Left and handing us the biggest expansion of government in Arkansas history–after promising to resist Obamacare. And when someone actually speaks up about that, they get booted out of the Party. If the Republican majority thinks voters don’t see all that, they have much bigger problems than one man’s comments.

  • Sebastian County is supposedly Republican, with one lone democrat.
    Two Senators and three Representatives and all voted to expand Obama
    care. I hope Sebastian County gets at least I-49thru our county for this
    vote. I am still looking for the grand opening of the other three trauma
    centers promise for the tobacco tax passed three years ago. thank you
    republicans for your representation.


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