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Krystal Thrailkill Announces Run for House District 22

Krystal Thrailkill, a Democrat, announced this week that she’ll run for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 22. The seat is currently held by Democratic Rep. Bill Abernathy, who is term-limited. The full text of her release is below the jump.

For our running tally of who’s running for the House, click here. (Let me know if you see any names missing from the list—it’s a work in progress.)

Thrailkill Announcement News Release

Krystal H. Thrailkill recently announced her intent to run for the Arkansas House of Representatives for District #22, the position currently held by Representative Bill Abernathy. Abernathy’s term concludes at the end of 2010.

Dr. Thrailkill is currently employed by Rich Mountain Community College as the business department chair.  She is actively involved in multiple community organizations , including various leadership positions and works a business consultant.  Dr. Thrailkill currently serves the Democratic Party on the Polk County Central Committee, and the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women as Polk County president, and fourth Congressional District Director.  She serves the state party as an officer, the Democratic National Committeewoman for Arkansas.

“I enjoy working with people, and believe I can have an immediate impact when elected to the legislature.  The relationships I have with party leaders and current legislators can help me be effective for our district.  No one should seek public office with a personal agenda.  My agenda will be developed as I listen to the people. I consider myself a centrist, and agree more often than not with Mike Ross on many topics. I believe that economic development is one of the most important issues in our region, and I would make that a priority.  While I know so many people in the area, I am looking forward to meeting more as the campaign progresses.

Dr. Thrailkill is a two-time graduate of the University of Arkansas, and also Arkansas Tech University, and Henderson State.  She is married to attorney Danny Thrailkill, and they have three children, one of whom is training for a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  They reside in Mena.

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8 thoughts on “Krystal Thrailkill Announces Run for House District 22

  • Fourche River Rex

    My life with the Thrailkill Kult?

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your obscure pop culture referece of the day.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    A woman named Thrailkill… Isn’t that just redundant?

  • Cameron Bluff

    Mike Merritt from Dardanelle has announced for the District 61 seat currently held by the term limited Rep. Nathan George.

    When (for some reason) Merritt was asked if he planned to follow the Trevor Drown Playbook for Candidates to Political Office (TDPCPO) and Merritt’s response was, “Never heard of him or his playbook.” Apparently Merritt is a liar of the first order if he stands by his statement because who in Arkansas hasn’t heard of Trevor Drown?

    Folks in Yell County are awaiting a retraction, or at the minimum a clarification of his position at this time. Doesn’t know of Trevor Drown or the TDPCPO…Sheesh, what a crock!

  • Cameron Bluff

    By the way TAP, over here in the mid-western part of the state, we have an upcoming Senate race. Even though the seat won’t be vacated by Sen. Trusty until Sept. 1, names are cropping up all over the place.

    Current State Rep. Nathan George has had to decline annointment to this position because as a sitting state rep, he is constitutionally prevented from running. Beyond that, Caped Crusader Michael Lamoureux (r) is said to be strongly considering jumping into the fray, but will hold off on an announcement until after Sept. 1. Atkins resident.

    Also contemplating a run is an Atkins attorney, according to The Courier in Russellville. Quoting their article, “John Burnett, 56, announced Saturday his intention to establish a committee to explore a possible bid to replace Republican state Sen. Sharon Trusty.” Burnett is a Democrat.

    Now, the latest to jump into the mix is none other than Thomas Akin, whose latest political experience was being trounced by Andrea Lea in his bid to replace Lamoureux in the in the last election. Akin also is known to readers of the Rett Hatcher & Company blog for this posting, “Tom Akin, a self-proclaimed “chicken catcher”, D-Russellville, it turns out, was fined by the FDIC last year for violations of federal banking regulations. Akin has brushed aside suggestions that a fine by the FDIC is a serious matter. As a member of the Arkansas General Assembly, Akin would wield significant influence over the Arkansas’s Bank Commission.”

    Locally however, voters in Yell County may be more interested in his listing on the most recent year’s tax delinquent notices. I guess school funding isn’t a huge priority for this candidate to political office.

    Senate District 4 comprises a small part of eastern Logan County, most of Russellville in Pope County, and all of Yell County.

  • Cameron Bluff

    Sorry for the typo in the last post, Lamoureux is a Russellville and not from Atkins as it appeared. Regardless of where he is from, he remains the Caped Crusader around these parts.

  • NObamaNOrossNOdnc

    Does Arkansas really need a lady Mike Ross, the professional fence sitter and in the pocket of Big Pharma? We’re over-lawyered, over-liberalized, and over-indebt enough without adding another aggressive careerist DNCer to the tax and spend mix.

    The only cure for the Obama malaise is a new Republican majority, at every level of government.

  • Keep Arkansas American

    Has this woman ever had a job outside of government? There’s nothing in her resume that indicates such. It would be nice to have a liberal business “expert” that’s actually run a business!

  • helen kent

    she is a spoiled bitch dont be fooled


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