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Kennedy to Pryor: Why No Debate?

Green Party candidate Rebekah Kennedy
Green Party candidate Rebekah Kennedy: Takin' no guff

Green Party Senate hopeful Rebekah Kennedy isn’t letting Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor off the hook.

At a lunch at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock today, Kennedy challenged Pryor to a debate during the question and answer session, the AP’s Andrew Demillo reports:

“One, do you feel like people of Arkansas are entitled to hear a debate on the issues? And two, if not, do feel like delaying a response is a more appropriate response than just straight up refusing to debate?” Kennedy asked Pryor during a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion.

Pryor told Kennedy that he believes voters have the right to hear about the issues from candidates and cited his visits around the state. Pryor said his campaign hasn’t been contacted by any news organizations that have proposed hosting a debate.

“Quite frankly, at this point in the year, it’s so late that I don’t know if we could schedule one,” Pryor said.

Well, you gotta admire the kid’s moxie.

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3 thoughts on “Kennedy to Pryor: Why No Debate?

  • Joseph Skelly

    I attended the lunch, and i just kept waiting for Pryor to say, “Debate? With you? What will talk about? You wanting to legalize marijuana? Medicinilize meth? Take handcuffs and pepper spray away from cops? Or could it be you wanting to grant felons the right to vote..FROM PRISON? No, I don’t think Arkansans are focusing on those issues right now.”
    With all due respect to Ms Kennedy, that is what her campaign is reduced to…a stunt at political animals lunch. Becasue when the bedrock of your platform are the issues listed above, popping off from the audience at an event in the governor’s mansion is about as good as it gets.

  • blue2red

    I think I may just vote for her. I have never been a straight ticket voter, and I have certainly never just voted against a person simply because they are a Democrat. But I am tired of Democrats pretending to be conservative. Ms. Kennedy should have run against him in the Democrat primary. Then she may have been only barely relevent, instead she is now totally irrelevent.

    What do you say? Think we should mount an effort to get Republicans to vote against Pryor?

  • Paul McFarland

    All five of the federal offices in our state were unopposed. Democrat and Republican both. This election was going to go by default until the Green party made an effort. A vote for a green candidate at least sends a signal that our representatives can not just sit one out.

    Full Disclosure – My wife is the second district Green candidate.


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