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Poll: What To Do About Dwayne Dobbins?

Dobbins: An interminable case
Dobbins: An interminable case

Former Democratic Rep. Dwayne Dobbins says “never surrender” in his quest to return to the Arkansas legislature, asking a judge to restore him to the ballot so that the voters of District 39 can have the privilege of casting their votes for him in November. But sez the judge: “Ain’t gonna happen.” The AP reports.

Keep in mind this comes after Dobbins’ 2005 resignation from his seat in the legislature as part of his plea bargain after being arrested for fondling a 17-year-old girl…after Democrats tried to find a candidate to run against him following his surprise filing to run again in March…after Democrats voted not to certify him for the ballot in July….after the Arkansas House of Representatives passed the “Dobbins Rule” in August to bar him from being seated should he win re-election… and after Attorney General Dustin McDaniel this week asked the judge to reject Dobbins’ ballot request, saying he’d waited too long to register his complaint through legal channels.

And yet…he… keeps…coming…back.

At this point, Dobbins is looking more and more like the unstoppable killer in a horror movie. So today, in honor of Dwayne Dobbins, let’s have our first Arkansas Project Opinion Poll! The question:

[poll id=”2″]

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the poll above is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute any kind of call to action. So if you happen to have, say, access to a space station, and you were planning on coaxing Dwayne Dobbins into the airlock so you could shoot him into space, The Arkansas Project simply would not condone that.

Update: As of this writing, the leading poll answer, based on Arkansas Project reader votes, is “cricket bat to the head.” What on earth is wrong with you people? That’s the messiest, most violent option in the poll. Here I am trying to keep things light and fun for you all and then you reveal this very disturbing side of yourselves.

Lesson: Arkansas Project readers are terrible human beings. You should be ashamed. I say, good day, sir.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: What To Do About Dwayne Dobbins?

  • AKA Bryce

    My vote would be for a game of chicken on a levee on tractors, or some type of competitive “dance off”!

    Or a type of basketball were we are able to defeat him…..without turning into a high school werewolf. Yes that would be the way to do it.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Well why the hell did I buy a space station if you really don’t want me pushing Dobbins out? Tell us this stuff before you get us all worked up. I mean, when I hear “You’ve got red on you,” I just go nuts.


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