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Jesse Boyce to Run for House District 49 Seat

Democrat Jesse Boyce, a Beebe businessman, sent word last evening that he’ll run for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 49. The seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Jonathan Dismang, who is running for Arkansas Senate.

Republican Jeremy Gilliam is said to be eyeing the race, as well.

Boyce’s full release is at the jump. As always, here’s our running list of House candidates for 2010.

Jesse Boyce to Run for State Representative

BEEBE – Jesse Boyce, a local small business owner, announced his campaign for State Representative on Tuesday. A resident of Beebe and a Bald Knob native, Boyce has lived in State House District 49 nearly all of his life.

“I feel a responsibility to run for this office,” Boyce said. “This district encompasses my current hometown and my childhood hometown and most of my family lives in White County. I want to work hard to protect this area and to improve things where we need to.”

Boyce owns several small businesses in Beebe and has worked in the transportation industry for more than 18 years. He has worked with the Beebe Chamber of Commerce to advance economic development in White County. As a board member of the Beebe Chamber, president-elect of the Beebe charter of Kiwanis International, member of the Arkansas Cattleman’s Association, and member of the Arkansas Truckers Association, he has displayed leadership and dedication to this community.

“Our area is quickly becoming an economic driver for the state, and it’s going to continue to grow,” stated Boyce. “Especially in the current economic climate, we have to work hard to ensure that we’re in a good place to attract new jobs while keeping our community’s identity.”

Boyce said the two most important reasons for seeking this office are our children and our seniors.

“We have to provide our youth with the right tools and leadership to become productive citizens, including not only Kindergarten through 12th grade, but in higher education as well,” said Boyce.  “Our senior’s healthcare and welfare must be protected as well. They raised us and made this community what it is today.”

Boyce attended Bald Knob High School and the University of Central Arkansas, majoring in Political Science. Boyce, wife Lara and sons Ethan, Jacob and Alex are all members of the First United Methodist Church of Beebe.


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7 thoughts on “Jesse Boyce to Run for House District 49 Seat

  • Bubba from Gurdon

    I here tell that Boyce feller was a big Obama supporter in the last election. Talks conservative but supports big government and is even pro-abortion.

  • HolyGuano

    Reason enough to vote for and support him. I mean if not being a Republican wasn’t enough.

  • AKA Bryce

    It’s about time Boyce ran for office!

  • Jeremy Gilliam is a great guy. He is very involved in the community. He would make a great replacement to Rep. Dismang.


    Jeremy Gillam is not and has never been a Republican. His dad is a certifiable nut job who resides within the Democrat establishment who has run for County judge in White County twice. He has brought suit against Harding University for “separation of church and state” and accused his Republican challenger of being on drugs, being a pedophile, etc.

    Republicans, once again, are fools for supporting a RINO.

  • just-a-thought

    Jeremy Gillam was asked to be on the Senate Ag panel because he has one of the largest farming operations in the state. He was asked to speak about the effects of the rainfall on Arkansas farmers, not about politics. Gillam called several fruit and vegetable farmers around the state to see how their operations were hurt by the excessive rain. He took their stories before Senator Lincoln, thus “representing” the fruit and vegetable industry in Arkansas. This is why I believe Gillam will make a great State Representative…he is here to promote the people’s agenda, not his own.


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