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‘It Makes You Want to Root for Cancer’

My goal has been to not get anywhere near the State Capitol during the legislative session, because I am the laziest blogger in the entire state of Arkansas, I don’t get paid to do that, I don’t like crowds or people in general, and anyway it’s more fun to throw spitballs from the back row.

Which is why I so value The Arkansas Project’s Capitol sources, who bring us delightful gems like the following:

Jason Brady, a one-time trusted aide to former-Gov. Mike Huckabee, is now lobbying for the state cancer association and is seen here holding up a sign protesting at the GOP press conference with Dick Armey. Brady is lobbying for Gov. Beebe’s proposed tax hike on cigarettes. But, surprisingly, as pro-tax lawmakers were huddled in the Capitol plotting their next move, one member was overheard saying that “With Brady lobbying for the cancer association…well, it makes you want to root for cancer.”

Capitol Correspondent sends along a photograph, if this grainy, hazy cell phone shot is worthy of the name. It could just as easily be a shot of Bigfoot or Swamp Thing, for all I can tell:

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4 thoughts on “‘It Makes You Want to Root for Cancer’

  • Pecker Wood

    Well, since G. Gordon Brady is for this tax who can be against it? Imagine that, a Huckabee staffer supporting raising taxes. Are Huckabee fans closet tax and spenders? I wonder what else Brady keeps hidden in the closet?

  • Tom Thumb

    I just about wet my pants reading that. One must know what a creep Brady is in order to appreciate that report. And, it goes without saying, a lot of people at the Capitol know Brady.

  • Cameron Bluff

    He didn’t have much choice on that Cancer Society gig. I hear NAMBLA turned him down as their lobbyist.

  • Rock Em Sock Em Robot

    That’s definitely a real Brady sighting. He’s got the tell tale signs: foppish bow tie and the “I’m better than you” overuse of his Blackberry. You’d think he still threw around some weight, or something…


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