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Is Capitol Security Sufficient?

Last week’s shooting of Democratic Party chairman Bill Gwatney by a gunman who entered his office has legislators and Capitol employees wondering: Is security at the Arkansas State Capitol tight enough? Secretary of State spokesperson says “You bet,” but others wonder what more may be needed in this Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story.

I’ll confess that I’ve always found it a little odd that, when I go to the Capitol, I’m allowed to walk around the metal detectors unchecked, me being such a shifty-looking character and all.

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2 thoughts on “Is Capitol Security Sufficient?

  • Ken's Mom

    there is practically no security at the Capitol Building. the Capitol beat reporters have offices to the side of the basement entrance and so don’t have to pass through security. (security is further down the entrance.) just walk in, head for the media offices but stop at the elevator … voila: you can go anywhere you want in the building without the security even being aware you’re there. it’s a bit of a joke.

  • insider531

    You should see how many people get let in the side doors by all the smokers on the north and south entrances.

    Why dont we just make the tunnel entrance for employees only (who are already required to get an ID badge)and then direct the public to the long stairs in the front, hopefully most of them would get intimidated and/or tired and just give up and decide not to come inside.


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