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I Cannot Stop Talking About Tea Parties

….and thus I am going to talk about them for a little bit longer, today, on your radio box. I’ll be coming at you from seemingly OUT OF THIN AIR at 4 p.m., when I’ll be appearing on KARN News Radio under the auspices of Mr. Dave Elswick, and we’ll be talking about the Arkansas Tea Party movement and its possible political implications.

That’s 102.9 FM here in Little Rock, or you can go here to listen live online. Then maybe after that I’ll give you a break from all this Tea Party business and we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program of whatever it is that we do here.

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5 thoughts on “I Cannot Stop Talking About Tea Parties

  • You should read your entire article on the air. You should be done by the time the show is over at 6.

    Or you could read everything that I have gotten published, it would not even take one second.

  • Man, if you want to take over Grelen’s column, just ask somebody. Save all this ink and effort.

  • David Kinkade

    Grelen? Well now you’re just trying to hurt my feelings, Coon Dog.

  • I thought you used many words and said many things. I am not sure where it will take. I suggest your tea party group choose a color of paint and smear their faces. Seems to really fire people up.

  • It’s 4:12 and all I’ve heard is a bendable concrete ad, trafficweathertraffic on the 9s and some “work from home” get-rich-quick spot. Did I miss?


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