“Huckabee”: Worst Show on Television?

Regular readers of The Arkansas Project are aware of the extraordinarily low regard this blog has for Mike Huckabee’s terrible Saturday night show on FOX News. It’s really nothing against Huckabee, I suppose; it’s just that the terrible terribleness of this program cannot be denied.

Well, we’re not alone: Here’s a punchy blog that’s running a reader poll centered on the question, “Is ‘Huckabee’ the worst show on television?”

They go so far to include a reel of video lowlights highlights from the show to help you decide your vote. (It’s like 2 minutes long, but I swear I couldn’t watch to the end.) At this writing, more than 600 votes have been cast, with a rather decisive 84+ percent agreeing that, yes, “Huckabee” is indeed the worst show on television. Get on over and cast your votes today!

How did The Arkansas Project vote? Ooooh, I’ll never tell!

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4 thoughts on ““Huckabee”: Worst Show on Television?

  • Fourche River Rex

    I don’t know if Huckabee is the worst show on television…I can think of a lot of really bad shows. I mean, really bad shows.
    On the other hand, I can only think of a few good shows. One of which is Robot Chicken. Is there a place that I can vote for Robot Chicken being the greatest show on TV? Why, you ask, would I want to do such a thing. Because of gems like this….

  • I FORCED myself to try and watch the video and lasted only about 30 seconds.
    I did not even know that Huckabee had a supposed TV show.
    I really do not watch that much TV, as I have not seen alot of things worth watching!
    It looked to me like he, ( Huckabee ), should have gotten some at least mediocre joke writers.
    His attempt at making people laugh through his monolog even left some in his audience with a confused look on their face.

  • Now wait just a doggone minute Kinkade! You need to back off just a bit. You’re not being fair. You’re erroneously judging it as if it were REALLY a television show, when it is most obviously the longest running political ad in the history of American politics. We’re gonna get about three years of this infomercial.

    While your final analysis may be correct, please don’t malign the good names of REAL television shows like “Joanie Loves Chachi,” “Baywatch Nights,” and yes, “Saved By The Bell: The New Class” with such wanton and willy-nilly use of the term “television show.”

    To paraphrase Shakespeare: Pine Bluff by any other name would smell…


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