Huckabee Show: Why So Stealthy?

The New York Post asks a pertinent question about the new “Huckabee” political/variety show: What’s the big secret? Other than a post on Mike Huckabee’s website on Wednesday evening, there’s been no advance promotion for the show from FOX News. Network honchos are mum and refer questions to Huck’s agent.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Nice view.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Nice view.

The Arkansas Project picked up on the announcement yesterday. The AP’s Andrew Demillo and Stephens Media’s Aaron Sadler both sought to advance the story, but have so far dug up nothing more than the fact that conservative cutie and “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be the first guest.

What gives? It’s a TV show, not the Manhattan Project. Anyway, watch the magic unfurl on Saturday evening at 7 p.m. Central on FOX News.

In other Huck news, I agree wholeheartedly with Huckabee that McCain’s “campaign suspension” gambit is a mistake, as he says in this AP story. If there’s some sort of strategic brilliance at play behind this move, I’m still not seeing it, and I’m speaking as a bona fide McCain supporter. Got the bumper sticker on my car and everything.

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3 thoughts on “Huckabee Show: Why So Stealthy?

  • After his fake outrage, Huckabee’s nature is to roll over for the tax and spenders because he is one, but I’m surprised at you, David. This Washington spectacle is like living in a Fellini movie. Bailouts for all, suspending short selling, taxpayers buying a trillion dollars worth of bad debt, FDIC insurance for money funds—and what about the U.S. Constitution—-congress’s intervention in the private markets, the limitless power that the Secretary of the Treasury will be granted, no judicial review just to name a couple of minor points.

    John McCain is not my favorite conservative, but his instinct is to call a halt to this usurpation of power by the executive branch. He’s dead right again and willing to lose a campaign in standing for his beliefs.

  • High Heels

    I know I’m a little late on this post but is that picture of Elisabeth really necessary? I mean really…

  • 1) This picture of Elisabeth is not only necessary, but should be included with every article, regardless of the articles subject matter.

    2) That is all.


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