Huckabee: Illinois Governor ‘Recklessly Arrogant’

A dedicated Arkansas Project reader sends along a nice video link of Mike Huckabee commenting on the scandal surrounding impossible-to-spell Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested on federal charges Tuesday for being a corrupt clown (short version).

On Hannity & Colmes on FOX News, Huck notes that he knew the ridiculously surnamed Blagojevich slightly as governor, and that Rod wasn’t one to join in gubernatorial reindeer games: “He was not really a mixer…He really was not connected well with the other governors…There was a sort of arrogance about him.” Huck continues:

“I’m amazed that he was so blatant about it. I mean, anybody’s corruptible…I’d like to think that we’re never gonna do it because we have better sense, we have a conscience, we know we’re gonna answer to God even if the prosecutor doesn’t catch us. [But] I still think that there is something that is recklessly arrogant about a guy that just flat-out says, I want to get something out of this. And what he’s going to get out of it is a jail term.”

And yes, he makes a comparison to former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker.

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One thought on “Huckabee: Illinois Governor ‘Recklessly Arrogant’

  • Shane

    I was working in Champaign, Il when Blago was elected back in 02. He doesn’t get along with most in state. He spends a lot of time in Chicago but the capitol is down state in Springfield.

    Some in the state took to calling Chicago the summer capitol of IL


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