‘Huckabee’ Targets Coveted Arkansas Project Demographic

Rosie Perez on 'Huckabee' Saturday. I don't know why either.

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times blog is concerned about the Arkansas Project’s recent dearth of coverage of Mike Huckabee’s dreadful FOX News show. So he sends along notification that this week’s completely random assemblage of “Huckabee” guests will include actress and spicy Latina firecracker Rosie Perez and a trifecta of former and present Miss Americas, who will talk about “community service, equal pay and the arts in education,” because, you know, why wouldn’t they?

So apparently the theme of this week’s “Huckabee” installment is “Hot Chicks with Gigantic Racks,” and it is an obvious attempt to curry favor with Arkansas Project readers. Well played, Governor. Well played indeed.

P.S. Yeah, you read that right: Max sent this to me, because it was too low-rent an item for the Arkansas Times blog, I guess. So evidently The Arkansas Project is now the Freudian id of Arkansas media.

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5 thoughts on “‘Huckabee’ Targets Coveted Arkansas Project Demographic

  • David Kinkade

    Yeah, Buster, it makes Rosie Perez’s cleavage look like a dog’s lunch, doesn’t it?

  • I don’t like Huck at all, but you have to admit, this type of “casting” sure won’t hurt his ratings.

  • Cameron Bluff

    My man Huckabee is the kind of guy that reads the stories. At the same time, My man Huckabee ain’t blind.

    It could be worse…he could be an asshole like Tax and Spend Ragland who can be bought for a committee chairmanship and manages to be the deciding vote to apply an onerous and totally regressive tax on the citizens of Arkansas. You ask how could he be the deciding vote? 75 votes were required to approve the motion and he voted yes. One no vote, HIS, and the motion would have failed. Run for Lt. Gov., Mr. Ragland, PLEASE. You might get fewer votes than Chris Morris did in his run for Treasurer a couple years ago.

    PLEASE RUN. We need some fun around here again.


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