House Ignores Emotional, Anti-Gun Rhetoric And Passes “Campus Carry”

State Rep. Charlie Collins’s “Campus Carry” bill easily passed out of the state House Monday afternoon.
Arkansans are now one step closer to being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights on public university campuses.
Legislators, so far, have rightly ignored the fear-mongering from the anti-gun left. Indeed, last week one out-of-state group insinuated that passage of “Campus Carry” would lead to more murder-suicides that resembled the recent tragic incident involving a UALR professor and two family members.
Notably, Keep Guns Off Our Campus, the left-wing group that sent out a press release last week linking “Campus Carry” with the incident, never sent out a press release in 2011 when a UALR student was abducted and later found dead. Perhaps at that time their leadership appreciated the inappropriate and grotesque implications of using one anecdote to draw larger conclusions about public policy.
Lobbying on both sides of “Campus Carry” will continue as it’s debated in the Senate. Hopefully, actual facts and reality will be relied on, instead of Keep Guns Off Our Campus’ questionable appeals to emotion.
Today two-thirds of the state House stood up for the apparently controversial notion that Arkansans’ Second Amendment rights can be exercised on state university property.
Limiting the number of “gun-free” zones has been gaining ground in other states as well. We discussed a bill that would do away with “gun-free” zones in Colorado recently. It was introduced by a Columbine school shooting survivor.  The Wyoming House recently also passed a bill repealing “gun-free” zones.
Despite the unhinged emotional rhetoric from Keep Guns Off Our Campus, “Campus Carry” is a smart step in the right direction towards the goal of making college campuses safer by providing a deterrent to criminals looking for easy targets in “gun-free” zones.

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