Hot Springs Cops Nab Beer Thief in Golf Cart

A 24-year-old Kentucky man (with a name that leads me to believe he may not be a Kentucky native; I don’t know, I just get this feeling) is in police custody after he allegedly drove a golf cart through a storefront to steal beer:

Police arrested 24-year-old Alejandro Cortez-Sanchez of Florence, Ky., after he allegedly crashed into the El Alamo Store on Central Avenue on Christmas Day. A police report says officers responded to a burglary call and found the store’s front doors broken in.

The officers spotted a suspect motoring away in a golf cart and gave chase. The suspect began throwing beer bottles at the police cruisers as they followed for several blocks.

The remaining beer was returned to the store owner. And if you’re in the market for a new golf cart, you might check out the next Hot Springs Police Auction.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Springs Cops Nab Beer Thief in Golf Cart

  • Cameron Bluff

    Are you saying that this gentleman could not have originally hailed from, say, Mexico, Kentucky. Actually, there may be a deeper issue at hand here.

    Could this be a case of…say…identity theft. Hmmm, who do we know that 1) vacationed recently in Kentucky, 2) is known to imbibe directly from the bottle on occasion, 3) seems to know a whole lot about this story when little is reported elsewhere?

    I have heard it said that the guilty dog barks first, or something like that.

    Not that any of this is directed at anyone specifically of course, but I am just saying…

  • David Kinkade

    It ain’t like that, Cameron, I swear! I haven’t thrown bottles at cops in, like, six years, at least.

    Plus, my trip to Kentucky wasn’t a “vacation.” I was speaking to school children about “How to Follow Your Dreams.” I told them that if they studied real hard in school, they could run a political blog like I do, and they wouldn’t have to work in the coal mines.

    Then they asked how much blogging paid and I said, “Well, nothing.” They started laughing and throwing pencils at me, because it turns out those coal mining jobs pay OK, with benefits.

    God, now I’m depressed. I could use a beer. Has anyone seen the keys to my golf cart?

  • ¿Por qué quieres insinuar que sea mexicano? Estoy seguro que no es mexicano porque había solamente una persona en la carreta de golf donde caben por lo menos una docena.

    Y si es mexicano, estoy seguro que es nada más que una diferencía entre culturas.

    Whoa…sorry about that. I think I was speaking in tongues.

  • If he had any sense, the next time he would ride a riding lawn mower to rob the store and that way he could mow lawns till he got caught.
    Just trying to make some sense out of a stupid situation, *L*

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