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Hopefuls Vie for Arkansas GOP Chair

The Arkansas News Bureau’s Rob Moritz reports that former state Sen. Doyle Webb of Saline County and businessman Joseph Wood of Fayetteville have both indicated they’re in the running to be the next Arkansas GOP chairman.

Webb is probably well-known to most Arkansas Project readers, due to his time in the state senate and service to the late Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller as chief of staff.

Wood, the current party treasurer, may be a new face to many, but he’s been active in the Washington County GOP and was a McCain delegate to the Republican National Convention in September. He also keeps up an occasionally updated political blog here.

The Arkansas Project reported on Saturday that current GOP chair Dennis Milligan would step down, following a reasonably successful election season for Republicans in Arkansas.

But wait…There’s more….

It’s not mentioned in this story, but those who would know say that former GOP Rep. Jake Files of Fort Smith is seriously eyeing the post as well. There may be others. Party will choose the new boss at the December 13 meeting in Little Rock.

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9 thoughts on “Hopefuls Vie for Arkansas GOP Chair

  • Teddy Republican

    The last thing we need is the Napoleon complex Huckabite Doyle Webb.

    Joseph Wood could be a good choice.

    What we need is someone who can raise tons of money and recruit QUALITY candidates. That is the chairman’s primary responsibility.

    I would prefer someone who has money and runs in money circles… preferably old money circles.

  • Hillary


    This is a disqualifying statement for a party chair:

    “I feel I have the ability to work across the aisle with Democrats…”

    Too bad, cause I kinda liked the little fella.

  • Barbara

    Doyle? Wow, that’s change you can believe in. Perhaps he can take us back to 2003-2005, when he was Rock’s CoS…. and R’s lost seats in the House, and across the State.

    Just what we need: more of the same.

    Doyle, stay home, I’m voting for Joe.

  • Teddy Republican

    I agree…. Our party chairman doesn’t need to “work across the aisle”. He should be very partisan. With no possibility of deals with the Dems to keep us in the perm Minority.

    Although John Parke isn’t running I think he would be a great choice.

  • covert operations

    I hear Minority Leader Bryan King is eying the position too…

  • Teddy Republican

    As much as I like Rep. King, I think it is difficult being a siting elected official and the party chair. I can see where there could be a conflict of interest. The party chair has to be very partisan which could bring ill feelings across the aisle. Gilbert Baker tried it and BeeBe came at him in his re-election bid.

    I want my elected officials to reach out across the aisle from time to time, I don’t want my chairman to reach out across the aisle.

  • Cornelius

    Barbara – in what way was Webb responsible for the election of State Reps while he was Chief of Staff for the Lt. Governor? Just call me confused.

  • I kick ass

    Is that a mugshot of Doyle?

  • Barbara

    Cornelius, when Did Rock become State Party Chair? How did it happen? Who actually ran things for Rock? What happened to Marie Holder (acting ED)? HOW MANY HOUSE SEATS DID R’S win when Rock was Party Chair (which ended with Gilbert Baker taking over after the ’04 election)? Better question: how many House seats did R’s lose in the ’04 election? And why didn’t Doyle do more when he was advising Rock as Rock’s CoS??


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