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Heritage Has A Plan That Could Actually Fix Healthcare

1383567_10151932748039481_1060978697_nSupporters of Obamacare love to instruct us all that we can’t repeal this disastrous law because people will be left without health insurance, people with cancer won’t be able to get treatment, etc. Unfortunately, it appears increasingly likely that Obamacare will actually exacerbate many of the problems it has sought to relieve (such as uncompensated care costs and lack of access to doctors).

Supporters of the law also love to explain that those who call for Obamacare’s repeal are pursuing a thoughtless and dangerous course of action, because “you don’t have any better ideas” or “you want us to go backwards to a time when people with cancer couldn’t get medical care.” It’s all hogwash — conservatives have been advocating for free-market-based health care reforms for years. Unfortunately, these false claims from big government advocates often go unrebutted. Now, thanks to The Heritage Foundation, no more!

Last week, Heritage unveiled their latest policy paper on health care reform entitled “After Repeal of Obamacare: Moving to Patient-Centered, Market-Based Health Care.” The paper outlines five key principles of health care reform that will work and provide more health care options for Americans:

  1. Choose, control, and carry your own health insurance;

  2. Let free markets provide the insurance and health care services that people want;

  3. Encourage employers to provide a portable health insurance benefit to employees;

  4. Assist those who need help through civil society, the free market, and the states; and

  5. Protect the right of conscience and unborn children.

There’s no doubt America needs health care reform, but a top-down, big government bureaucracy will never work. We need reforms that are based on people’s needs, not government’s.

Read Heritage’s full report here.

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