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Hendren ‘Eaten Alive’ At Pulaski GOP Meeting?

I didn’t make it to the meeting of the Pulaski County GOP this evening, where potential GOP Senate challenger Sen. Kim Hendren was speaking, but I did keep an eye on my Twitter feed while he spoke.

And from the sounds of things, Hendren was greeted with a rather chilly reception (as the update from Andrew Abdel-Malik above suggests).

The biggest sticking point seems to have been Hendren’s vote in favor of Gov. Mike Beebe’s tobacco tax in the recent legislative session, according to a stream of tweets from Rep. Mark Martin, Elizabeth Aymond (a candidate to chair the Arkansas Young Republicans) and Abdel-Malik. Click on the links below for a snapshot of the ugliness as it unfolded:




Tough crowd. Maybe there’s more of an opening for Sen. Gilbert Baker than had been previously assumed?

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11 thoughts on “Hendren ‘Eaten Alive’ At Pulaski GOP Meeting?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Interesting. Very interesting. I wonder what his reception has been at other events? I wonder if this is unique or is common.

  • OK, you have been making your case against twitter for a long time. You have finally convinced me. That is annoying. Good stuff, yet very annoying.

  • David Kinkade

    I’ve made a peace of sorts with Twitter, though I still find all the breathless and incessant hyping of the service to be a bit much. And I can certainly see where just glancing in at those streams, it would seem annoying. But it’s also a case where the ease and accessibility of the service bubbled this little story up to the surface, so you can see some value there.

  • Yeah I was there. Kim Hendren is more of a liberal than a moderate. He said “the Democrats did me a favor by kicking me out” and he sure did the democrats a favor by voting FOR nanny state laws such as cell phone laws, helmet laws, and seat belt laws. He also did the Democrats a favor by voting FOR tax increases. In the face of outrageous spending, a fiscal conservative will vote against the spending as the solution, not for a tax increase. This is pretty basic stuff here. Calling Kim Hendren a moderate would be unfair in my opinion. He’s pretty consistently liberal. I wasn’t shy to let Mr. Hendren know to his face that his principles were out of line with those of a fiscal conservative. Mr. Gilbert Baker, where are you?

  • Fourche River Rex

    Give ’em hell, Rob.

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Is anyone really surprised that Hendren is a bad candidate? The man is a stubborn hillbilly who won’t listen to anyone.

  • Menapotstirrer

    I will vote for almost anyone before I would vote for a liberal like Kim Hendren. He’s shown his true colors for many years. We don’t need an Arkansas version of Arlen Spector. Go away Kim and keep your money and your liberal tax loving agenda to yourself. ANYBODY BUT KIM!!!

  • Drew Pritt


    The Republicans just don’t get it. How many times do you have to be thumped at the polls before you realize you are dying? I mean its almost too painful and comical to watch.

    If your party continues to purge out the Kim Hendrens, the Chuck Banks, the Sheffield Nelsons, because they are not “pure enough”, you are going to keep getting whalloped.

    Lets see, with Jim Holt the excuse was he didn’t raise enough money. With Asa Hutchinson the excuse was he had run and lost too many times. With Jim Lagrone its because he didn’t get enough coverage. With Gunner DeLay, it was he entered the race too late. The list goes on ad nauseam.

    Wake up….your party is acting like a drug addict on INTERVENTION. The Jason Tolberts and the Jerry Coxs, do not represent mainstream Arkansas. If you think they do, you need to get a grip on reality.


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