Halter Flack in Burris Senate Melee

Photo credit: New York Times
Photo credit: New York Times

Keen-eyed Arkansas political watchers will recognize Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s political muscle man and noted charmless vulgarian Bud Jackson in the above photo from the New York Times.

BudJack’s apparently lending his skills in the dark arts to the controversial effort to place Illinois politico Roland W. Burris in Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Burris, tapped to fill the seat by toxic and indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, was blocked by the Senate today.

Kudos to frequent Arkansas Project commenter Br549, who has extra time on his hands since he’s taking a break from playing Tetris on his Gameboy due to a painful case of “gamer’s thumb,” for the tip.

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4 thoughts on “Halter Flack in Burris Senate Melee

  • Bill from Sheridan

    Br549, you have a keen eye for potentially embarrassing details about future political opponents. Well played sir.

  • David J. Sanders

    I must defend the honor of one Bud Jackson. Not only is he a nice guy who has distinguished himself in his career field, but he is also a loyal fan of quality television programing and other less-serious shows that I enjoy… like Boston Legal. While mine is not the most stirring defense, it is my belief that B. Jackson is a-okay.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Oh, David, no. I have to say that based on your choice of less-serious TV, that I have to doubt your taste. Ergo, I must think that Kincade has BudJack pegged.

    If you said he liked “Last of the Summer Wine”, well then I’d have to thank of BudJack as being the best fellow ever.

    Seriously, though, I don’t know this is such a bad thing. A client is a client, not a friend. In all the associations that we could be worried about, this isn’t one that bothers me. After all, Kincaide worked for a certain Senator at one point.


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