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Halter Exits Governor's Race, As Predicted

This might need some updating. Thank you ASU Young Democrats for the photo!
(This might need some updating.) Thank you ASU Young Democrats for the photo!

It’s been said that predictions are hard to make, especially about the future. But as we’ve learned, some people are better at making predictions than others.
A few months back, I got a tip that former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter would be exiting the governor’s race, possibly to pursue a congressional race against Congressman Tim Griffin. My source was good, but wished to remain unnamed and I was covered up with other leads at the time, so I simply tweeted it as a rumor and moved on. Bud Jackson, (now former) spokesman for Bill Halter for Governor, picked up on the tweet and responded:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 1.59.11 PMI say “former campaign spokesman” because Halter announced this morning that he is leaving the governor’s race, overcome with the realization that he couldn’t win the primary for the sake of “party unity.” Suddenly, my prediction seems a little less laughable.

After I reminded Jackson this morning of my prediction from May that he so quickly dismissed, he responded to let me know that I’m still incorrect, or something:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.00.05 PMUntrue? Has he not heard the news that his boss is dropping out of the race? Gosh, this is awkward.

I suppose it’s possible that Jackson was referring to the second part of the prediction where I said Halter would challenge Griffin, but all the media reports I’ve seen today indicate that Halter’s entrance into that race is very much a possibility. What will Jackson say then?
I feel bad for Bud Jackson. He apparently believes unicorns are real. But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, considering he subscribes to a political ideology that thinks higher taxes and more government spending will create prosperity.

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4 thoughts on “Halter Exits Governor's Race, As Predicted

  • Unicorns are in the Bible. Why do you hate the Bible.Job 39:9–12

  • Bob McCartney

    Mama Gee, unicorn is bad translation for wild oxen. Check out the New King James version, your unicorns are gone.

  • The unicorn is real, all right. It lives in the arctic ocean and is commonly referred to as a narwhal.

  • …and you really have to watch out for unicorns, they’re the absolute WORST kind of brown nosers. They’ll stab you in the back every time.


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