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Great Moments in Political Cartooning

Political "cartoon" from Arkansas News Bureau

This was the political cartoon carried by Stephens Media’s Arkansas News Bureau yesterday to mark the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. This submission from cartoonist Vic Harville consists of an altered image of the Lincoln Memorial statue, smiling slightly, with a thought bubble that says “President Obama.” That’s pretty much it.

Do you see how that offers a unique and telling slant on the historical moment, laced with subtle wit and sly insight? No? What’s that? All you’re seeing is a ridiculously amateurish Photoshop job that a 15-year-old could have knocked off during a “Gossip Girl” commercial break?

Obviously, you’re not looking hard enough.

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2 thoughts on “Great Moments in Political Cartooning

  • Ouch. That is stinging yet accurate. Political cartoons are one of my favorite avenues of expression. I much prefer Michael Ramirez or John Deering. I’m enjoying your blog.


  • David Kinkade

    Thank you, Tsudonimh. And I’m sure it’s heartening to all those Stephens reporters who were laid off a couple of months ago to know that THIS is the type of work their former employer values.


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