GOP’s Ray Heading Out (Updated!)

Roby Brock’s Talk Business blog—or maybe it’s his Political Buzz blog, I don’t know, I can’t keep the damn things straight—says that Republican Party of Arkansas executive director Karen Ray is on her way out, moving to Mississippi where her fiancé is going to graduate school.

So, let’s get started with aimless suggestions as to who should replace her! I say blogger Jason Tolbert. Anyone for Jason Tolbert? The kid’s got enthusiasm, plus his own video camera, which could come in handy at news conferences and stuff. Everyone OK with Tolbert? OK, great!

BREAKING! Jason Tolbert will be the next executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Remember, you heard it here first. Hooray!

UPDATE: You can go ahead and color me shocked that there would be as much interest in the executive director of the Arkansas GOP—I mean, seriously, think about it — but the traffic numbers don’t lie.

So if you must know more, you should be aware that Tolbert is throwing out all kinds of random names over at his blog.

You should know that young conservative firebrand Rett Hatcher is offering pertinent thoughts.

You should know that Blake Rutherford is dropping acid.

And you should also know that the most likely candidate will not be any one of the names you see floated on these blogs, but someone picked by the Republican National Committee, most likely with Mr. Clint Reed’s blessing.

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9 thoughts on “GOP’s Ray Heading Out (Updated!)

  • Brett Hooton

    I think Jason and David have an agreement to stroke each others egos as much as possible.

  • Cameron Bluff

    Well, stroking something…

  • Joe Michael P

    Brett Hooten for ED!!

  • Fourche River Rex

    I’ll not speak to Ray’s job as the ED, but the fall out from her leaving should be rather interesting. You have the Clint Tucker’s influence, yes. But I think Huckabee casts a longer shadow than most realize. The question becomes, does Huckabee care about who gets the ED? If so, it is Stacy Dejarnette (sp?) or Rex Nelson (no relation). I can almost bet that the chances of Keith Emis getting ED (as Max suggested) is nill because he made and ran an add against Huckabee in the Republican primary.
    Clint Tucker may sway it, but Huckabee may sway it more. This could make for some very interesting political theater.

  • Elizabeth

    Rex – it’s not Clint Tucker. As much as I love that guy, it’s Clint Reed that David talked about. Without a doubt the next ED has a huge task before him/her. The 2010 US Senate and gubernatorial races (not to mention many seats up for grabs locally) definitely have the possibility to make or break their career. I wish the best of luck to whomever the RPA Executive Council picks.

  • Fourche River Rex

    Yes, yes. I knew that. Too many damned skinny guys named Clint.
    BTW, I hoping that the next ED is Monroe Swarzlose.

  • Br549

    I heard that they are trying to pull David Sanders back out of journalism to lead the party out of the wilderness…

  • That is interesting Br549 because I heard they are going to try a get you to switch parties and take the helm.

  • Br549


    Interesting. I havent heard from them yet…but for the right price….anything is possible.


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