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GOP Moving Victory Staff Out of Arkansas?

Great catch from Jason Tolbert, who notes at his blog that the Republican National Committee is moving “Victory ’08” staff out of Arkansas to target Pennsylvania, which may be emerging as a potential battleground state in the presidential race.

Jesus, just how far ahead are McCain/Palin polling in the Natural State? And doesn’t the RNC realize that “Hurricane Obama” is about to hit Arkansas?

Speaking of victories, you’ll notice that Tolbert succumbed to the ongoing pressure campaign The Arkansas Project launched to force him to change the name of his blog to “The Tolbert Report.” I win.

Update: Meanwhile, over at The Next Right, blogger Soren Dayton raises the question, is Obama abandoning Virginia for Pennsylvania? Dayton is reading the clues.

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2 thoughts on “GOP Moving Victory Staff Out of Arkansas?

  • powker

    Unless the McCain campaign is footing some of the bill, this will be yet another presidential election where the national candidate sucks resources from the state party that could be better spent on our local races.

  • Brett

    I’m all for focusing more on local races. In fact if you want to help with local races call up the RPA and ask how you can help our state legislative candidates. But to think that the McCain campaign should focus more on Arkansas instead of shifting resources to other states is slightly unrealistic. Local candidates do the same thing when they target different parts of their district.

    I hope that when Arkansans donate to the McCain campaign they do so because they want to help him get elected and not because they want to see more McCain signs in their neighborhood.


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