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‘Good Morning America’ Comes to Helena

On second thought, lets go shoot over by the river.
"On second thought, let's go shoot over by the river."

On Sept. 25, perky ABC morning show “Good Morning America” will broadcast from scenic Helena, Ark., along the banks of the mighty Mississip’, as part of the show’s “50 States in 50 Days” death march series, the Helena Daily World reports.

Among the featured attractions will be a couple from Little Rock who don’t see eye to eye on the presidential race. That’s right! She’s a liberal Obama supporter; he’s a conservative McCainiac! What hilarious misunderstandings and hijinks will ensue? Tune in Sept. 25 to find out!

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6 thoughts on “‘Good Morning America’ Comes to Helena

  • AKA Bryce

    Helena? Damn. Why not Dermont or Eudora?

    Helena? That is a terrible place to represent the state.

  • powker

    Good grief, let the nation see Helena as “typical” Arkansas and we will never be able to lure business to this state. Most places in Iraq are better looking than that place… and one heck of alot safer too!

  • You people need to get over it. Either way it goes, you’re from Arkansas so you’re nothing to really brag about. They picked Helena…..GET OVER IT!!!!!

  • john

    shut up yoou stupid idiots Helena is a good place to be in so you need to shut up and think for once besides we are better than alot of parts of Arkansas

  • David Kinkade

    Mr. Peeps? Is that you?


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