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Gird Your Loins for National School Choice Week!

All hail school choice! All hail education reform! Our pals over at Americans for Prosperity are sponsoring National School Choice Week (January 22-28), a week-long nationwide event aimed at “shining a spotlight on effective education options for every child.” There look to be a few events taking place around Arkansas in the days to come—check out the events page on this website to track one down.

We’ve checked in on the school choice debate in recent months. Here, here are some links to a few of the Arkansas Project’s favorite pieces on school choice issues from the last year. Go read!:

October 2011: My report from an education reform panel debate at Philander Smith College in Little Rock that turned out to be feistier and more combative than anyone imagined.

August 2011: Christian Olson of the Advance Arkansas Institute supplies notes from a school choice symposium in Little Rock hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

June 2011: Our interview with University of Arkansas education reform honcho Jay Greene on the publication of his e-book, Why America Needs School Choice.

Meanwhile, over at the Arkansas Times blog, perennially outraged liberal Max Brantley, who stands bravely athwart any and all changes to the status quo in public education, notes the week’s events with a six graf post in which he name-checks his favorite bogeymen, the Koch Brothers, eight times. Bonus: It includes a darkly conspiratorial and hilariously over-the-top anti-Koch video. Do you get the feeling that Max just really isn’t even trying anymore? Yeah, me, too.

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