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Files Out For GOP Chair

More on state party chairmanships: Michael Tilley at the City Wire in Fort Smith reports that former Rep. Jake Files, who was recently considering a run for chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, has taken himself out of the running:

Files said he is considering running for the state Senate seat in Fort Smith in 2010, and believed it would be difficult, if not impossible, for him to run for that seat and be the state party chairman. State Sen. Denny Altes, R-Fort Smith, is term limited and can’t run for the office in 2010.

Joseph Wood (left) with Sen. John McCain; Doyle Webb (right)
Joseph Wood (left) with Sen. John McCain; Doyle Webb (right)

Meanwhile, Arkansas Project reader Teddy Republican notes in the comments section of an earlier post that GOP chair hopefuls Doyle Webb and Joseph Wood are currently on KARN radio fielding questions from Dave Elswick and listeners. You can listen online here.

Update: I tried to listen, but after about 10 minutes I wanted to kill myself from boredom. Blogger Jason Tolbert, who has more patience than I, has a summary of the Webb/Wood interview with Team Elswick at his blog.

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2 thoughts on “Files Out For GOP Chair

  • Doyle Webb would set the State GOP back another 30 years from the already terrible position it finds itself in today.

  • Teddy Republican

    Agreed. Although I agree that we need to work on getting better support structures in place for our candidates.


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