Fayetteville Man Attempts to Run Over Pro-Life Demonstrators


This week’s leading entry in the Arkansas Criminal Masterminds series is Jason Bryant Shireman of Fayetteville, who was arrested Tuesday for driving on a curb in an alleged effort to run over a group of protesters at a Fayetteville abortion clinic.

A group of students were demonstrating outside the clinic on N. College Ave. when Shireman “drove his Suburban onto the curb, nearly striking three students from the Subiaco Academy.” He faces felony charges involving three counts of aggravated assault, the Northwest Arkansas Times’ Kate Ward reports.

Shireman told police that he drove on to the sidewalk not to run over the students, but to show them “what he thought of them.” I guess that’s one way to send a message. He might also consider “shooting their parents” and “setting their houses on fire.” It’s just so hard to get kids’ attention these days.

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