Farewell, Ernie P., We Hardly Knew Ye!

OK, so hated Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue (sp? I don’t care, I’ve looked it up for the last time) has resigned, at last, good riddance. Let us never speak of him again.

Who will replace him? Well, I suppose you can sit around and gas over who MIGHT be up for the job, or we can take matters into our own hands and start recruiting some candidates (UPDATE, 9/26: Ha ha, joke’s on me—Craigslist removed the ad citing a violation of service agreement. Score one more for “The Man”!”). Let’s go, people:

Wanted: Arkansas Lottery Director
Click image for larger version.

Oh, while you’re at it, we still need a new guy for higher ed, too.

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One thought on “Farewell, Ernie P., We Hardly Knew Ye!

  • claws

    Is there away to abort this fiasco?

    We have a defacto tax on the poor to provide generally unqualified students scholarships to 2nd, 3rd rate state schools so they can generate another $50k or so in student loans that will give them a degree that is now virtually worthless in the job market.

    At best, kill the lottery and local option real gambling. At the least, general fund the lottery revenue stream.

    If the present structure continues I’d suggest Mark Martin for director. It sounds like a good fit.



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