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FACT CHECK: Club for Growth Launches Ad Against “Obama Ally Mark Pryor”

pryor-senate-4_3_r536_c534The Club for Growth (or “Club for Greed,” as a famous Arkansas governor once called it) has released a new ad targeting Obama BFF Senator Mark Pryor. As I’ve learned from Max Brantley, this type of targeted (conservative) brainwashing represents everything that’s wrong with American politics. I mean, how can unions ever hope to compete with this?

So, out of fear that innocent Arkansans might be misled by billionaires with the sinister motive of promoting freedom, we are going to fact check this ad for you. After all, truth is its own defense. Let’s begin!

According to the group’s press release, the group’s President Chris Chocola (Boy, Barry Hyde would’ve had fun with that name) said “Mark Pryor’s liberal record is out of touch with Arkansans..” OK, so far so good.

Then the ad makes five key claims:


Claim #1: Pryor is the only Arkansan in Congress today who voted for Obamacare.

FACT CHECK: Yes, that is true — all of the others retired or got sent home.


Claim #2: Pryor is the only Arkansan in Congress today who voted for the Obama stimulus.

FACT CHECK: OK, that’s true too.


Claim #3: Pryor joined Obama to bail out the Wall Street banks.

FACT CHECK: Now that is fal-…crap. These guys are good.


Claim #4: Pryor is supposed to be Arkansas’s senator, but he’s really Obama’s best ally in Arkansas.

FACT CHECK: Ah ha! We’ve got them here! Obama has no better ally in Arkansas than Gov. Mike Beebetake it from Mike Beebe. But yeah, Pryor and Obama are kinda buds.


Claim #5: When you vote for Pryor, you vote for Obama. “It’s that simple.”

FACT CHECK: …I give up.


For what it’s worth, Senator Pryor has called the ad “false and misleading.” Apparently, what he means is: “I don’t like this ad!” And I guess I can’t blame him — what else can he say in the light of all the evidence, in a state that gave nearly 60% to John McCain in ‘08 and 60% to Mitt Romney just months ago?

It’s going to be a looooooong two years for Mark Pryor.

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5 thoughts on “FACT CHECK: Club for Growth Launches Ad Against “Obama Ally Mark Pryor”

  • HiPlanesDrifter

    “Arkansas Comes First” . . . . yep, it’s at the top of the list right after Obama, trial lawyers, unions, Wall Street, welfare recipients, illegals, and who did I leave out (we must have diversity after all) . . . . oh yeah, Democrats!

    Club for Greed . . . or, Club for Wanting to Keep More of What I Earn, when the government doesn’t want anything from me . . . except more & more taxes – and that’s not greed, particularly when they want to give it to people who didn’t earn it. See?

  • i find it funny that every time I send Pryor a message or concern he blows it back as he’s defending Arkansas.. I still haven’t seen where he has set forth anything that defends Arkansas.. Look at his voting record in Washington.. mostly party line and is a bush league legislator .. nobody in Washington is running to pryor to get for support except the Dems. They all know he’ll fold like a house of cards to stick his nose up Obama or Reids butt. Not even in this great state for sportsmen does he take the side of the 2nd Amendment. He often talks of limits and bans as well as restrictions on the law abiding citizens.. never once has explained the policy towards criminals.. He needs to go before he does even more damage ..

  • Cliff Forbes

    That Pryor does not take his instructions from Obama and Harry Reid is complete bunk. He just voted in favor of cloture on the filibuster against the nomination of Obama’s radical judicial nominee for the DC circuit Court of Appeals, Caitlin Halligan. Nine Democrat senators voted against cloture, but not Obama’s boy Pryor. A fact checker needs to be delegated to cover this Arkansas project, or is it the Obama project?

    • I’m not really sure where we disagree. I think you may need to re-read the article. NHH

  • Lynn Carter

    I suffered a stroke at the U.S. Veterans eye clinic Fayetteville, AR June 15, 2011, a doctor there had my wife drive me to U.S. Veterans hospital there in Fayetteville, they did a scan on my brain, no doctor there at Fayetteville to read it so they sent it to Alabama to be read. I lay in my own feces and urine for 5 hours. My wife yanked me out of there and brought me back to Fort Smith, to Sparks Regional Medical Center emergency room where I was given HUMAN care and hospitalized. My wife and I contacted Senator Mark Pryor and ask for an investigation into the abuse at the U.S. Veterans hospital in Fayettevliie. For over a year now we have ask his help, and he does not return our phone calls, and his office staff is useless. I have had Parkinson’s disease for about 9 years, I have since June 11, 2011, had 3 major strokes, suffered many falls, broken my shoulder from a fall, and now bound to a wheelchair. In my opinion, Senator Mark Pryor and U.S. politicians care less about the medical care of U.S. Veterans. Seems to me they wish we would just die and go away. If you get a chance to speak to Senator Pryor, Congressman Womack, and Senator John Boozman, ask them to show you the letters I wrote and emailed them, also the emails my wife wrote them concerning the abuse I suffered, she suffered, and as I spoke, never, not once a responce from the jerks. Mark Pryor is a useless politician and I Pray that the day comes before I pass away, that somebody exposes him for what he REALLY IS. In my book he and Steve Womack are USELESS cowards who refuse to meet with my wife and I face to face regarding the abuse of June 15, 2011.
    Lynn E. Carter
    Fort Smith, Arkansas


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